The Public Edge Cloud is here.

Mutable's new Public Edge Cloud, give you the benefits of the Public Cloud: No CapEx, Ease of Use, and Scalability. Then layers on low latency of under 20 ms and security of data not reaching the internet. By utilizing the untapped resources of Cable and Wireless providers to run your software. Like a Content Delivery Network but for compute and more intelligent.

The Emerging Technology Infrastructure Platform to meet the changing needs of your innovative products

Utilizing ISP Footprint

Now you can serve requests even before reaching the chaotic internet. While achieving the most reliable, secure and lowest latency requests. By benefiting from Mutable's legwork of stitching a cloud together out of cable and wireless providers resources.


You get access to new types of hardware, besides the typical x86 processors. New hardware including ARM and GPUs are unlocking unique cost and performance benefits for IoT, AR/VR, AI, Object Recognition, Remote Desktop & Gaming.

Cross Network Optimization

By pushing data between known networks using Software Defined Networking (SDN), we are able to optimize for either latency, reliability or cost while mitigating the risks of using the Public Internet.

Public Cloud vs. Public Edge Cloud

Datacenter Latency

  • Cloud > 60 ms
  • Edge < 20 ms

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The Mutable Platform

No Upfront CapEx

By providing extensive network coverage, we remove the need to invest and build in-house infrastructure. The overall gain is reduced costs concerning personnel, hardware, and real estate.

Competitive Pricing

Shifting workloads based on pricing requirements allowing for optimal performance while maintaining the desired rate. Utilizing ARM architecture and other newer technologies, which are cheaper than traditional architecture, allowing for additional savings.

Next Gen Product Development

Microservices have never been easier. You don't need to think about the overhead of new services. Your team can now push code multiple times a day without worry. Enabling faster delivery to your end users and outpacing your competitors.