The Public Edge Cloud is here.

More than just a Public Cloud, Mutable enables low latency, heightened security, and operational efficiency for any application.

The Emerging Technology Infrastructure Platform to meet the changing needs of your innovative products

Utilizing ISP Footprint

Terminate user requests before reaching the Public Internet allowing for heightened security while achieving the lowest possible latency


Access a variety hardware including ARM and GPU architecture powering applications such as IoT, AR/VR, AI, Object Recognition, Remote Desktop & Gaming

Cross Network Optimization

Optimize for latency, reliability, and cost by pushing data between known networks using Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Public Cloud vs. Public Edge Cloud

Datacenter Latency

  • Cloud > 60 ms
  • Edge < 20 ms

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The Mutable Platform

No Upfront CapEx

Remove the need to invest and build in-house infrastructure, e.g. personnel, hardware, and real estate

Dynamic Pricing

Obtain the desired rate by automatically shifting workloads based on latency and cost restrictions

Next Gen Product Development

Move to Microservices based architecture enabling faster delivery to your end users, outpacing your competitors