Mutable Cloud

We stretch across multiple providers and datacenter locations increasing coverage while addressing the inherit technical complexity.

The Mutable Platform

Scale Private Cloud

Mutable is a multi-tenant platform. It provides isolated cloud systems, only accessible by the stack. This allows scaling on an as-needed basis, from a hobby project to enterprise level with ease.

Continuous Delivery

With every deployment, Mutable builds a remote container. These can be individually tested and are only deployed once deemed stable and passing.

No Downtime Deploys

Mutable uses a blue-green deployment strategy. It automatically runs multiple sets of code snapshots simultaneously and directs traffic to the newer build.

Developer Builds Code

Run code locally that simulates the cloud.

Mutable Receives the Code

Run tests & build containers to deploy.

Code Deployed to Servers

Takes containers & pushes to servers.

Monitors & Mantains Servers

Takes containers & pushes to servers.

Autoscales On Demand

Monitors code health to scale up & down.

Access From the Web

Use load balancing to access content.